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Squire WS75 Container Padlock

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WS75 Container Padlocks
  • SQUIRE WS75 Container Padlock - Standard Key 051 Section

    The Squire WS75 is the pinnacle of the container padlocks. The padlock has been put through insurance testing achieving CEN Grade 4, making it perfect for medium to high security applications. 

    This container padlock has a 6 pin cylinder and is available keyed differ, keyed alike and master keyed making it perfect for a range of container locking applications.

    Keyed differ is perfect for individual containers, keyed alike is great if you need a set of locks for multiple containers, and master keyed is designed for self storage companies and container hire outfits.

    1. Keyed Differ (All locks have their own individual keys and come with 2 keys per lock standard) Additional keys can be ordered above and keys can also be cut from code if you have the original 051 Squire key that came with your lock (10 digit number) Please call if you require keys to code.

    2. Keyed Alike (All locks will work to the same key and will be supplied with 2 keys in total for the whole set) Additional keys can be ordered above. Key alike locks can also be keyed alike to your existing Squire WS75 padlocks if you have the 051 code off the original key (10 digit number)

    3. Master Keyed (All locks have their own individual keys, but the set will also be provided with an overriding master key that can open all locks in your set)

    MULTIPLE LOCK ORDERS & EXTRA KEYS - Remember, if you are ordering multiple locks and you need extra keys be careful not to order more than you actually need. E.G - If you are ordering 10 x locks, and you need 10 x extra keys, just select 1 x extra key with each lock, and then add 10 x locks to your basket.

    Designed to resist the most determined attacks, these locks can also function reliably in the harshest weather conditions thanks to the highly corrosion resistant electrophoretic coating. The Stronghold WS75 padlock is particularly suitable for containers, warehouses, perimeters, gates, commercial vehicles and industrial units.


    • 12mm hardened boron alloy steel shackles
    • 80mm solid hardened steel lock body
    • Re-keyable 6 pin tumbler lock mechanism
    • Over 260,000 key differs
    • Anti-bump, anti-pick, highly attack resistant
    • Highly corrosion resistant electrophoretic black coating
    • Body Depth: 30mm
    • Body Height: 65mm
    • Body Width: 80mm
    • Differs: 260,000
    • Finish: Black
    • Horizontal Clearance: 27mm
    • Material: Steel (Hardened)
    • Packaging: Boxed
    • Shackle Diameter: 12mm
    • Vertical Clearance: 14mm
    • Weight: 1.03Kg

    Pinning Options Explained:

    • Keyed Differ (Each lock has it's own individual keys)
    • Keyed Alike (All locks will work to the same key, the set will be supplied with 2 keys in total)
    • Master Keyed (All locks have their own individual keys, but the set will also be provided with an over riding master key that can open all locks in the set). Master keyed sets can be added to in future.

    Patented Section Explained

    • Choosing a lock on a patented key section helps to protect against unauthorised key duplication. Keys can only be duplicated by us with the permission of an authorised person. A great solution when you are looking to control the number of keys issued.
    • You can only order patented keys if you order the patented key section version of the lock.

  • Delivery information here - also controls tab name

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